Moves Management Explained

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Many  large organizations use a Moves Management system in their database to track fundraisers’ activities in preparing a major gift prospect to be successfully solicited. But any development office can informally use Moves Management principles to clearly measure and manage their progress in securing major gifts: qualifying, cultivating, soliciting and stewarding each prospect.

Below is a description of each step in the process. To be successful, you should notice regular changes in the status of your prospects. Using Moves Management techniques will keep you focused. It will also give you an early warning if your major gift effort is stalled.


1. Identify/Qualify
* Determine the capacity and interest of the prospect through research.
* Develop a preliminary strategy and plan.
2. Cultivate
* Develop the relationship with the prospect through both active and passive activities. Passive activities include mass mailings and newsletters, cards and emails. Active activities include individual and group meetings and phone updates and conversations.
* Confirm the prospect’s specific areas of interest.
* Confirm and strengthen the prospect’s affinity, inclination, capacity and likelihood of giving.
* Identify likely objections or areas of concerns from your prospect.
* Generally you will need six or more “touches” to properly cultivate each major gift prospect before asking for the gift.

3. Solicitation
* Discuss the gift.
* Present a customized proposal.
* Negotiate the acceptance of the gift.
* Execute gift agreement.

4. Stewardship
* Thank and recognize the donor.
* Informing the donor of the impact his/he gift is having.

Expectations: How you should use your time

Each group’s situation is different. We recommend the following as a general rule”

* One third of your prospects should be “suspects” being identified, qualified and introduced to the group.
* One third of your prospects should be in active cultivation
* One third of your prospects should be solicited

How many prospects do I need?

Our experience shows that:

* 11 prospects to qualify, leads to
* 8 prospects to cultivate, leads to
* 5 prospects ready to solicit, leads to
* 3 actual solicitations, leads to
* 1 gift at the requested level

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