Why use a Fundraising Consultant?

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Often we hear, “We have a development staff.  Why should we use outside counsel? 

If you need to raise more funds, consultants can offer your group many benefits:

  1. FOCUS, ALLOWING IN-HOUSE STAFF TO CONCENTRATE ON ONGOING PROJECTS: Consultants insure that ongoing programs won’t be neglected by staff when new fundraising initiatives are launched.  Consultants offer groups hands-on deliverables as well as professional expertise. New fundraising initiatives get needed time, skills and focus without detracting from ongoing current activities.
  2. TEMPORARY HELP FOR NEW OR LIMITED PROJECTS: Whether undertaking a capital campaign or starting a new planned giving program, groups often face two unappealing choices.  Either hire a new permanent, full time staff member or add the new program to the existing staff’s busy workload. Consultants provide temporary help to initiate new fundraising programs, with clear accountability and a clearly defined, expected return on the group’s investment. At the same time, nonprofits avoid the risk of making an expensive, long term commitment.
  3. PROFESSIONALISM, EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE: Current staff may have limited fundraising knowledge or experience. Consultants can often deliver better results because they have an extensive track record of using time tested, successful fundraising programs for similar groups.  Their skills and experience can insure that your organization is using the most effective tools to meet its fundraising goals.
  4. OBJECTIVITY AND CREATIVITY: Consultants bring a fresh perspective.  Over time, groups get settled in their ways.  Outside consultants bring knowledge of how similar groups fundraise, and can help plan and implement creative and profitable new fundraising initiatives. Consultants are not hired guns who take complete responsibility for all fundraising for your group.  The case, the goal, and the relationships you build with volunteers and donors are still yours. Consultants partner with your volunteers and staff to help you achieve your goals in a cost effective manner.
  5. CREDIBILITY WITH THE BOARD: Getting a board to effectively support fundraising is challenging for many nonprofits.  Staff sometimes can’t risk offending their boards by pushing too hard or are taken for granted by them. As outsiders, consultants can more easily help boards understand their proper role in fund development and motivate them to give and get more funds.

JWA Consulting helps small and medium sized non-profits develop more resources to strengthen their services. For more than twenty-five years, we have helped groups develop effective, ethical fundraising programs that get results.

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